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Digital Marketing Growth Stats 2019

A great insight of social media stats and trends which can offer us into where we should plan to spend our time and resources. Mobile Marketer and Marketing Dive recently published articles highlighting new data and major trends in digital marketing so far this year:

Global online ad spend continues to rise significantly.

Global online ad spend was forecast to grow by 4% this year, but that has been updated with current trends showing growth to be closer to 4.7% growth.

According to Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts, this means online advertising will reach $329 by 2021, accounting for 49% of all global ad spend.

It should be noted that marketers’ are continuing to invest more and more in social media and other forms of digital advertising.

TikTok’s global sales surged almost 500%

TikTok, being the new kid on the block, is working hard to get the attention of advertisers.
The app reached $9 million in-app sales in May and is forecast to reach $100 million. “TikTok’s
focus on video may give the app an advantage as video ads drive media spending,” says Mobile Marketer.

Social referral traffic has become a major driver for retail ecommerce sites.

Social referral to retail sites has grown by 110% over the past two years. It’s growing faster
than any other referral source.

Facebook, being the leading social platform, drives the most traffic. Instagram and Pinterest are
the most natural and relevant platforms for retailers to advertise on. Snapchat and Twitter
also play a significant part in the ad game, but not as much as the other three.

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