Twitter is teasing new desktop redesign; account switching, dark mode and more

From a revamped desktop layout to the increased character limit, there have been several changes to Twitter in the last few months. American microblogging site is again teasing its 321 million global users with another upcoming app redesign. The changes includes ‘account switching’ feature like Gmail or YouTube, is aimed at helping users see what’s happening faster.

Additionally, users can also expect the prototype app ‘twttr’, bookmarks, dark mode, colour reply and many other options on their desktop Twitter anytime soon.

“A whole new Twitter is coming. New features and a new look are launching soon. Bookmarks, account switching, dark mode and so much more – before long, you’ll be able to see what’s happening even faster,” a message on Twitter’s desktop app reads.

While account switching would allow users to handle multiple accounts swiftly switch while staying logged into all of their accounts, the idea behind the prototype app ‘twttr’ is to improve conversation features for its main platform. To make conversations appear chat-like, Twitter is planning a new round design for replies.

Moreover, the app has also been testing a “subscribe to conversation” feature that would notify users every time a tweet is added to the conversation in order to keep up with it, without actually becoming a part of the thread.

Since Twitter already features a dark mode for both of its mobile and desktop apps, users are eager to know what new tweaks are waiting for them as part of its redesign programme.

If the colour reply option comes into existence, a user who posts the initial tweet would see their responses in grey while replies from followers would be in blue.