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Top-5 companies, including Apple, will get Rs. Loss of 11 lakh crore, the market cap plummeted by falling stock

  • Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook shares down 3 percent on Monday
  • Jeff Bejos’ net worth drops to Rs 2,02,210 crores from loss of Rs 19,600 crore to Mark Zuckerberg.

Monday’s downturn in the US stock market led to losses of $ 162 billion (Rs 11.34 lakh crore) by investors from five leading companies – Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook. The total market cap was reduced by 3% in these companies’ shares. The US market has experienced the biggest decline this year as the trade war intensifies between the United States and China. Tech companies suffered more losses.

Five companies have a market cap of Rs 16 lakh crore in 2 days

The US stock market has been in decline since last week. The total market cap of the five companies fell to $ 66 billion (Rs 4.62 lakh crore) on Friday. Thus $ 228 billion (Rs. 16 lakh crore) was dropped in two days. Apple shares were up 5.2 percent in two days.

Amazon’s share price has reduced CEO Jeff Bejos’s net worth by Rs 24,010 crore. Mark Zuckerberg suffered a loss of Rs 19,600 crore due to falling Facebook shares. Bill Gates’s net worth has dropped to Rs 14,070 crore due to Microsoft’s decline.

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