A latest cancer treatment was found that would not harm health

A new way of treating cancer has discovered by scientists that can eliminate side effects that harm the health of a person. The body presently harmed during therapy for cancer.

The therapy given to cancer patients has a detrimental effect on the body, including anemia, loss of appetite, bleeding, injury, constipation, diarrhea, weakness, hair loss, sexual problems, and many other urine-related issues.

This new research published in the Biological Chemistry Journal. This has found by scientists studying type-2 neurofibromatosis. This disease frequently known asNF-2 and includes the development of a tumor in the Schwannoma nervous system. “Tumor cells need to produce energy and blocks to grow continually,” said Micah Franco, a biology and biophysics professor.

Researchers discovered that Schwannoma cells generate peroxynitrite, an oxidizing and nitrating agent that modifies tyrosine, a protein amino acid. Metabolism’s tumor cells allows them to spread when tyrosine is nitrated to a certain protein.

According to Prestigious journal’ Lancet Oncology, from 2018 to 2040 the number of patients receiving chemotherapy globally. This will increase by 53 percent from 98 million to 1.5 million annually. This is the first time that chemotherapy studies at the national, global and regional levels have been undertaken. Given the increasing number of patients with cancer in low-and middle-income nations, it will take 1 million doctors to treat cancer.

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