Twitter tests a snooze feature to enable you to pause notifications

Twitter is testing a new feature that would allow users to mute push notifications for a certain amount of time. Jane Manchun Wong, who regularly finds unreleased features on popular social media applications, first discovered this discovery.

Wong found it by looking at the code underneath the Android app for the social network. She found an built bell-shaped snooze button in the top right corner of the notifications tab — holding down it opens up the Snooze Notifications panel which allows you to mute push notifications for up to 12 hours.

Twitter testing feature “Snooze” and allows you to silence notifications for either one, three or twelve hours. Upon activation of the Snooze feature, notifications would continue to accumulate in the Twitter app’s “Notifications” tab, allowing users to catch up at any time.

Twitter said on Tuesday that, due to issues with the settings of the microblogging website, it may have used info for personalized advertising without user consent. The company said it found these problems lately and fixed them on Monday, although it has not yet determined who would have been impacted.

Consumer data is a strong tool use by companies to decide where to place ads, what content to feature, and which consumers may be interested in the product. Regulators around the globe have been scrutinizing big technology businesses over their data sharing practices.