13-year-old Harish created a smart bracelet to protect women, showing location and also offers electric shock

  • The smart bracelet was created by 23-year-old Harish and his friend Teja.
  • Harish said – Upon turning this to a special angle, the device becomes active and messages along with the location.

A young man, 23-year-old Gaddi Harish, has created a smart bracelet to protect women. These bracelets provide information about women when they are in crisis by message to their family, friends and nearby police stations. Any unexpected event is realized when the woman turns her hand to a particular angle, the device in the bracelet will activate and message with the location to help.

Harish, a 13-year-old, said that if anyone tried to catch a woman during self-security device activation, the outer layer of the bracelet would also give the catcher an electric shock

Harish said, “Many security devices have been created in the market to protect the safety of women. The smart bracelet is different from all this. This gives the woman a sense of security. Harish created this project with the help of his friend Sai Teja ‘.

Harish said that the main purpose of creating a Self Security Bangle is to provide security to women. At present, the incidence of crime, kidnapping and molestation of women has increased. This bracelet will help to prevent it. “We are now calling on the government to further the project and provide security to women”.

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