Morning exercise reduces weight gain, after 3 pm exercise does not reduce weight significantly

New research has revealed Morning exercise reduces weight gain after 3 pm exercise does not reduce weight significantly. According to this research, people gain more weight in the morning than exercise. If you work out as much as you can in some time of the day, as much as any other person does in the morning, the person who exercises in the morning will be overweight and fast. This research was published in the International Journal of Obesity.

The research involved about 100 overweight people, who had never done any exercise before. These people were asked to come to a lab 5 times a week for an exercise. They had to burn 600 calories per day. Trainers also checked their diet chart along with their exercises.

The weight of all participants was verified approximately 10 months later. But their declining weight figures made a big difference. Researchers did not understand the reason for this at first. He then checked the time to exercise. Participants used to come in for workouts anytime from 7 am to 7 pm. The percentage of their workout pattern was expressed in Eva. People who were working out after 3 pm lost weight less than those who had a morning workout.

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