Ahmedabad welcomed the top brand “Starbucks” with some top level Trashing

Few days back, Starbucks opened their first three stores in Ahmedabad.

The people in Ahmedabad got too much excited to visit this high class cafe. People specially the youth of Ahmedabad has been visiting this three stores by wearing fancy clothes; took some high class cars to show their status of living to others.

They even put stories about Starbucks Coffee glass with their name written on it; but most of them forgot to put those waste/garbage into Garbage bins.

It is okay to be stylist & Live with high standards but all I’m trying to say is that some people says I’m extravagant because I want to surrounded by Beauty. But accordingly to me beauty is definitely not keeping the garbage around us. This is what we say highly qualified people are? Standing in a queue for half hour for a high rated coffee and not throwing those used things into the bin is a very shameful act.

Throwing the trash into trash can is not other’s job; but it is ours so please people of Ahmedabad help our city to keep it Clean & Beautiful.

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