Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki takes away her kids phones

  • YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has spoken about how she regulates her five kids’ screen time.
  • Wojcicki said she takes their phones away, particularly on vacation, to help them focus on the “present.”
  • She added that she wants her kids to be responsible for how much time they spend on their phones and learn “self-control methods.”

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), children below five years of age should not be allowed screen time for more than an hour.

“I have times when I take away all my kids’ phones, especially if we’re on a family vacation. We spend as much time as other parents taking their phones away from our kids, saying, ‘No phones at the dinner table’!” Susan Wojcicki said.

As a parent, how do you balance your child’s screen time with other activities? YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has found a solution in taking away her kids’ phones in times of battle over screen time.

In an interview recently, the mother was quoted as saying that she make sure her five children learn to focus on the “present”. Children need to be taught to divide their time effectively and understand when they need to be “focused in the conversation, and when it is okay to go and watch videos or do other activities on the internet,” according to her.

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