Indian Cyber Group Ne0Sec Hacks Into First MicroFinance Bank-Pakistan

First Microfinance Bank Of Pakistan website is now Hacked by Indian Hacker Ne0Sec & Team.

Bank’s Site Google results reflects with title “Indian Underground Hackers”

On Independence Day of Pakistan, Indian hacker attacked on the site.

In FMFB Pakistan site content reflecting as This is to pay respect to our martyrs who lost their lives while serving for our country. Imran Khan, Pakistan Army & ISI are coward illiterates had declated 15th August as Black Day. Now we have already made your Independence Day a Black Day and International TERRORIST DAY. As you know Kashmir is now part of India soon, whole Pakistan will become a part of India.

We hacked your Bank and it is just a warning.Next time we will destroy your whole digital infrastructure. Jai Hind.

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