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FDA Approves New Treatment for Highly Drug-Resistant Forms of Tuberculosis(TB)

United States Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug for tuberculosis (TB), a drug that is faster than ever used and the use of this drug can cure TB of any stage.

TB disease is more common in India, China, Indonesia, South Africa, and Nigeria.

This drug is manufactured by TB Alliance Group. This drug is manufactured with the help of government agencies in this group of antibiotics.

The drug is manufactured using three types of drugs Bedaquilin, Pretomanid and linezolid. Also known as a BPaL regimen.

Research measuring the effectiveness of this drug was conducted on 109 patients in South Africa. The drug proved effective in 90% of them. This research was done for 6 months. Patients were given BPaL 5 times a day. “The US FDA approval on this drug is a win-win for people suffering from TB disease,” said TB Alliance Group CEO.

The TB Alliance Group is working with the ‘World Health Organization’ to expand the use of this drug in countries where TB is a serious problem.

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