Pune scientist’s tech to help detect early spread of cancer, only 15000 rupees

A group of Pune-based scientists developed a ‘liquid biopsy‘ technology to detect the early spread of cancer and claim it is the fastest in the world.

Cancer treatment can increase the burden of ordinary and middle-class people. But the hospital’s bill will now be exempt. Cancer can be diagnosed in a timely manner by testing at only Rs 15,000.

With the help of it, the cancer cells in the blood can be detached before they can spread to the body.

This test can also help you understand the proper planning for cancer treatment and how successful the current treatment will be. The test will be launched in India from next September. Khandare’s plan is to release this test worldwide in the coming years.

With the help of this test, it can also detect whether the cancer is spreading back to the body. Tumor cells that are low in blood can also be easily detached.

The technology was tested in 2017 at Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai.

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