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Pakistan drones dropped 80 kg ammunition in punjab

A few days ago, an Oil refinery in Saudi Arabia was attacked by drones. Another such incident has occurred in India. From the Punjab border, Pakistan has delivered a total of 80 kilograms of explosive material in Punjab through drones.

Two days ago, Punjab police also seized four Khalistani terrorists from Swat Tarn Taran district, from whom all these weapons were delivered by drone.

According to the Punjab government, in the last ten days, the delivery of weapons, grenades, satellite phones, etc.has been made by drone eight times across the border. Delivery content also includes Ak-47. Apart from this, satellite phones that have been banned in India have also been found.

According to security agencies, the material has been sent to spread terror in Kashmir.

The Internet is closed in Kashmir after the removal of Article 370. Under these circumstances, terrorists use satellite phones for communication. On the other hand, Punjab Police also arrested four Khalistan militants. All four terrorists were on their way to Maruti Swift. The terrorists are members of the banned organization Khalistan Zindabad Force. This organization has the support of Pakistan.

The demand for separation of the province from Punjab to Khalistan has been a demand for years to become an independent country. Terrorists are regularly resorted to in order to fulfill this demand.

A drone carrying arms delivery in India has been burned by militants after it failed to cross the border. Police found the burned drone. It was only with these drones that the entire movement was revealed. The drone has been sent to the forensic laboratory for further investigation.

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