Russia bans smoking on apartment balconies

Smoking on balconies of apartment blocks in Russia has been banned under new fire regulations.

From October 1, any “open fire” on balconies of residential houses or hotels is banned, a decree signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said.

The country’s emergency minister announced the ban on ‘open fire’ which will also take effect in dormitories and hotels.

If a fire starts due to violation of the new ban, the culprit will have to at the very least to pay a fine; and possibly be charged with a crime if it is serious.

Smokers in Moscow, where the entire population lives in apartment blocks, have not been happy.

Smoking and even lighting matches will be considered ‘open fire’ under the new rules.

Lighting candles and barbecuing kebabs will also be banned.

“Now only rich people with their own land and house will be able to smoke; and poor people can’t do anything.”

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