Chinese official kept 13.5 tons of gold in his basement

Chinese police have found a huge fortune in the basement of the home of the former mayor of Danzhou; including 13 tons of gold. The search was ordered by the National Supervisory Commission.

Just as corruption is rampant in India, so is China’s corruption to some extent. The difference is that in China if one is caught doing corruption, he is severely punished. Even when big heads are caught in India, they are released.

China Police has recovered 13.5 tonnes of 11793.4 kg of gold from the house of 57-year-old former Mayor Zhang Qi of Danzhou. According to local media reports, 13.5 tonnes of gold bricks have been found from his home basement.

The police were also surprised after seeing so much gold. The former mayor had hidden this gold for a long time in his magnificent house spread over several thousand squares. For information, let us know that there are very strict rules regarding corruption in China. It is believed that the former mayor may also face the death penalty.

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