Meet Partha Khanolkar : Social Media Influencer and luxurious Car collector

The world of Business may appear buttoned-downed from the outside, but the reality is far more fascinating than one can fathom. At the core, the true essence of entrepreneurship lies in the characteristic of the individual, both at work and their personal lives. To be successful one has to be fearless and charismatic. After all, following rules and playing safe never made headlines.

An entrepreneur with a lot of savvy, Partha Khanolkar, known for his passion of super cars, is leading by example and shattering ceilings. He owns a host of luxury cars such as the Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Porche and more. He aspires to own the rarest automobiles in the world. Apart from his love for cars, he also enjoys indulging in exclusive time-pieces and sneakers.

Having an intricate eye for craftsmanship and art, his class and vision extends to his work. His penchant for style and flamboyance makes Partha a global marketing prodigy.

As much as he works on himself and his passions, in his free time he enjoys mentoring young talent in the field of marketing and sales. His passion and energy is extremely motivating for young Indians who aspire to have a purposeful life.

Being an animal lover, Partha takes time between his work to volunteer at certain pet and animal welfare organisations during his travels in India and abroad.

He also works closely with charities in scholarship and financial aid services and humanitarian causes of medical research and treatment of diseases.

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