Luminita Blosenco reveals what inspired her to become a Hairstylist

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The most important thing a person notices about you is your style and the way you carry yourself. To give you perfect looks and style tips, there are several experts right from hairstylists to costume stylists depending upon an individual’s preference. Luminita Blosenco is an emerging name among the top hairstylists. Born on January 2, 1993, in the Moldova Republic, she is also a model who has been a part of various catalogue shoots and ad shoots. At the age of 5, she moved to Turin, Italy and completed her primary education from there. When she was 18, she migrated to Rome to pursue a course in hair styling. That’s when she got an exposure to the world of glamour and she started taking up modelling assignments. Her work has made her travel to countries like Dubai, Thailand, Spain, China, Philippines, Romania and Italy.

Besides this, she is an artist and loves to paint in her leisure time. She tied the knot with Giorgio Segatori on September 12, 2019, and is embracing the phase of motherhood now. In five years, the popular model has learnt languages like Italian, Russian, Roman and English. Apart from being a hairstylist and a model, she manages a shop which has the best hats and ties and is situated in the centre of Rome, Fontana Di Trevi. While speaking about choosing her career as a hairstylist, she said, “I like to experiment with looks and over the years, I have tried many looks on myself. Picking up the right hairstyle becomes a bit confusing, so I make sure to create my own trend and be different from others. My job lets me explore my creativity and I get to learn something new daily.”

Having a good experience in modelling, she has maintained her toned physique and is a hardcore gym freak. She loves to work out and stay fit and is also fond of exotic cars. Not just this, she also has her philanthropic side and has always been a part of several charity events in Rome. Luminita has time and again raised her voice against the violence faced by the women and has been against the people spreading animal cruelty. She believes to work and create an environment which does not cause harm to anyone. With such noble thoughts, we hope to have more people like her who can bring in a change in society.

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