Google Maps turned 15: New features update

Google Maps marked 15 years and made a whole host of announcements to commemorate the day. The company announced that they were looking to expand the mixed mode commute option to cities across India.

In case you did not know, the mix mode commute option shows you a combination of public transport available through your route to a particular destination. It will show you a combination of public buses, cabs, autos and even metros.

“Explore” tab offers reviews and details regarding restaurants, shops, theaters and other venues, taking advantage of location-sensing capabilities in smartphones.

“Commute” tab promises to deliver efficient routes to or from work whether people are driving or using public transit.

“The public transport tab informs users about a journey that combines auto-rickshaw and public transport. This feature is available for Delhi and Bangalore and we’re looking to bring it to other cities across India,” Google Maps VP Jen Fitzpatrick said.

1 billion are active users for its app and it has mapped more than 220 countries and territories to offers live traffic updates.

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