Among First Few Foreign Manufacturers, Falken Tyres Resumes it’s Operations

Japanese tyre manufacturer, Falken Tyre India Pvt. Ltd. (FTI) has resumed its Head Office operations in Gurgaon, after…

Japanese tyre manufacturer, Falken Tyre India Pvt. Ltd. (FTI) has resumed its Head Office operations in Gurgaon, after the release of Lockdown 4.0 guidelines. This complies with the latest guidelines issued by MHA and Falken Tyre India Pvt. Ltd. (FTI) is one of the first few Foreign Tyre Manufacturers to have reacted and have been granted the official approval to resume its operations early on 19th May 2020 (Tuesday).

The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected the global economy and the world is now facing the most difficult economic situation by far. This has become a global challenge in which many countries have to succumb to either a full or partial lockdown for the past few weeks to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

Falling prey to COVID-19 even India effectively announced its first Janata Curfew, followed by Lockdown 1.0 to current Lockdown 4.0 – a series of well-coordinated measures to contain and flatten the transmission curve of COVID-19 in India. This has successfully contained the huge population of 1.3 billion people to adhere to the message of “Stay Home” and “Stay Safe”.

Having acclimatized to more than 50 days lockdown that is estimated to be present for a longer period of time, lockdown 4.0 is to prepare us to the “New-Normal”, which includes various forms of safety precautions and safety measures including Working from Home, Social Distancing, Wearing of Face Masks, Tracking through Arogya Setu App, etc.

Abiding by the Government’s initiatives and directions, Falken Tyre India Pvt Ltd. has adequately prepared its employees through various Health Awareness, Safety and Hygienic Practices and Campaigns while ensuring its working environment is safe and hygienic to operate with minimum essential staff strength, meanwhile encouraging the rest of the staff to continue working from home.

Mr. Satoru Ushida, Managing Director of Falken Tyre India Pvt. Ltd.

Commenting on the early resumption of its Head Office operations, Mr. Satoru Ushida, Managing Director of Falken Tyre India Pvt. Ltd. said, “We have been very vigilant in monitoring the governmental guidelines and our emphasis is on the safety of our employees while delivering the service which Falken promises to its customers and business partners. The early resumption of our office will bring about greater confidence in our customers and in our business partners that we, at Falken Tyre India Pvt Ltd, are together with them and together we will overcome COVID-19 as one.”

About Falken Tyre

Falken Tyre India Pvt. Ltd. (FTI), a joint venture of Sumitomo Rubber Asia (Tyre) Pvt. Ltd. (a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. Fifth largest tyre conglomerate) and Stamford Tyres Corporation Ltd. (One of the world’s largest tyre distributors) in Singapore, leverages Sumitomo’s Proprietary tyre technologies and Stamford’s distribution capability with a commitment to enhance customer satisfaction. FTI aims to expand sales of replacement tyres by supplying one of the broadest and deepest product range in the tyre market, keeping in mind Indian roads, driving, and vehicles. FTI has a Pan India presence, which addresses the growing needs of the Indian replacement tyre market.

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