Need For Innovative Technology in Agriculture

The importance of agriculture to India needs no mention. Although not the number one revenue generator for the…

The importance of agriculture to India needs no mention. Although not the number one revenue generator for the country but more people in India depend on agriculture than any other sectors. The uniqueness of the region lies in agriculture being more than just a profession, it provides sustenance and livelihood and is entwined with social and cultural beliefs. Ironically, agriculture has seen the least modernization in India than any other sector. There are many aspects that can be modernized in India and be up to date with the rest of world such as mechanization, post-harvest, logistics but everything starts with a better seed.

Dr. Shivendra Bajaj, Executive Director, Federation of Seed Industry of India (FSII)

Plant breeders in India have been improving crops and keeping up with the demand by developing new varieties either with the existing gene pool within the country or by bringing new germplasm from across the world and testing its suitability for India either as such or by crossing with existing Indian germplasm. The later part is very important to understand that we are constantly bringing new germplasm from outside India to improve our existing varieties. The breeding tools available to scientists have also undergone a major overhaul over the last few years with some tools only being available to Indian scientists. However, we must acknowledge and accept that developed countries are developing new and better tools that will accelerate their plant breeding process by leaps and bounds.

It is also important to note that the regulators in these countries are also keeping up pace with the developments to make the latest products available to the farmers. Among the new major breakthroughs, gene editing is very promising new plant breeding method that allows the breeders to make specific, precise modifications without the need for several generations of backcrossing, in contrast to conventional breeding in which modifications are achieved with crossing of two plants and then undergoing multiple generations of backcrossing to clean the undesired genes.

The precision and ease of the technology saves on time, labour and cost of introgressing multiple traits together. Since the costs associated with gene editing is low, several smaller companies will be able to invest in this breeding tool and develop varieties with new traits. However, the success of gene editing lies in the hands of the regulators, if the traits developed involvement of gene editing are heavily regulated, then the costs and time associated with de-regulation will make the development of new varieties through gene editing unaffordable to smaller companies. A practical approach by regulators such as determination that if the product developed through gene editing which is nearly indistinguishable to those developed through conventional or mutation breeding will not be regulated will highly encourage the investments in research. 

Another aspect that needs some attention is the seed trade, Indian government has been taking several steps to make India a global seed hub. However, if Indian policies on gene editing are not aligned with the rest of the world, seed production and movement will happen through the countries which have similar policies on seeds produced through gene editing and India will miss out on a major source of employment and revenue generation.

Policies aligned with rest of the world will not only enable Indian plant breeders to develop new varieties and enable farmers to increase production, it will also establish India’s leadership in innovation in the region.

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Luxury Consumers to Indulge in Home Design & Furniture Curation

According to Vita Moderna, a luxury furniture and interior design brand, the average luxury seeking consumer has developed requirements after spending a fair time in the comfort of their homes and for some in their commercial spaces. As the lockdown becomes less stringent nationally, they are seeing an increased interest from Indian households and consumers for furniture and interior design. The leadership at Vita Moderna have already received positive affirmations from a certain segment of the population and from existing consumers who are indulging in premium products in the comfort of their homes during the lockdown. With the current opening up, there are increasing queries from potential consumers regarding their brands, products & services.

Akshay Adhalrao (L) and Pritesh Modi (R), Vita Moderna, Co-founders & Business Owners

Established in 2008, Vita Moderna has left its mark on some of India's uber exclusive residences and high-profile commercial properties. Founded by the entrepreneurial duo of Akshay Adhalrao and Pritesh Modi, the firm has gained a solid reputation with leading architects and designers for delivering professional design experiences in a time bound manner. Akshay, a second-generation entrepreneur and CEO of Dynalog India; combined with the solid domain expertise and experience of Pritesh form the soul of Vita Moderna.

Luxury furniture & interior design brand - Vita Moderna

Says Pritesh Modi, Business Owner & Co-founder, Vita Moderna, "We are an end to end solution provider, with teams to manage conceptualization, design, selection, logistics and installation. Spaces are designed specifically for each individual client, with strong attention to detail, making each project unique. Whilst comfort and practicality are always our key priorities, the design emphasis is equally on elegance, simplicity and timelessness, with a modern flavour."

Adding to this, Akshay Adhalrao, Business Owner & Co-founder, Vita Moderna said, "Vita Moderna acts as an integral and valuable design and supply resource for any interior project that demands a luxury experience, with a solid project management approach. We have a strong multi-disciplinary team of interior designers and project coordinators that play a pivotal role in helping the principal designer deliver on their creative vision for the project. The team, which is a combination of young and experienced professionals draws equally on proven processes as it does on creativity to ensure we get to the project goals within budget."

The key advantage of Vita Moderna is the seamless experience it provides architects, homeowners and designers when it comes to adorning residences with an interplay of furniture, lighting fixtures, accessories, artifacts and fragrances, bringing spaces to life. The brand partners with iconic members of the Italian luxury design producers, who are avant garde, minimal, and contemporary. Notable partners include Flexform, Vittoria Frigeris, MisuraEmme, Reflex Angelo, Glas Italia, Laurameroni, I4 Mariani, Glamora & many more. The designs transform the very essence of any living space with sophistication and transcendent allure. The brand understands the nuance of colours, the subtleties of textures, the vividness of designs and the lightness of touch and sensitivity to add form and finish.

Vita Moderna prides itself on being a full-service design and space consultancy, where the team gets involved in choosing the ideal elements for any home or commercial space, helping consumers select, procure custom pieces from Italy or even organising reconnaissance trips to Italy for the same, procurement and installations. Whether, it be a summer home in the mountains, or a beach house or a log cabin in the tough terrains or commercial properties in these locations, the logistics of procurement, delivery and installation are managed efficiently.

For more information, please visit: Facebook, Instagram.

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