Cloud Kitchen and Restaurant Technology Platform POSist to Empower Businesses with Digital Ordering and Industry-first Digital Postpaid Dining Experience

POSist, a leading cloud-based restaurant technology platform serving over 8,000 restaurants in 20 countries, today announced the release…

POSist, a leading cloud-based restaurant technology platform serving over 8,000 restaurants in 20 countries, today announced the release of its new technology stack. It features Digital Ordering and Industry-First Digital Postpaid Dining to help accelerate technology adoption in restaurants. The technology stack will assist restaurateurs to minimize physical interactions between patrons and the servers in a dine-in setup. The company has also announced a COVID-19 Waiver Package for the official period of the lockdown and an additional extension of product subscription for the equivalent number of days to its customers.

Ashish Tulsian, Co-founder and CEO, POSist Technologies

A COVID-19 Waiver To Support The Community

“At POSist we truly believe in keeping our restaurant community at the core of everything we do. We understand the next three months will be very crucial for restaurant owners and would require them to operate with minimum CAPEX. As a technology partner, we strive to support our community in the best of our capacity. To do our bit, we are waiving the product subscription fee for 75 days with effect from March 15, 2020, to May 31, 2020. This waiver will be in the form of a direct discount. Additionally, we will be offering an extension of the software license for the same duration of days to the customers who have already purchased our product by paying upfront for the full year,” said Ashish Tulsian, Co-founder and CEO, POSist Technologies.

Commenting on the product release, Ashish added, “When we started working on the tech stack, we took into account the feedback received from our customers across regions. From the collective feedback, it was evident that the restaurant industry cannot be contactless, however, by using technology interventions at the right touchpoint, we can at least put ‘less contact’ in practice. That became the core essence of what we are releasing today as our technology suite for the new normal.

POSist QR Code Reader

Digital Ordering Using QR Code

Using POSist’s dashboard, restaurants will have an option to generate QR code assigned to a particular table number. This QR code will be on display, on the respective table, where the guest will be seated. Once the guest is ready to order, all they have to do is scan the QR code, enter their mobile number and the menu will appear on their mobile browser through which they can select the items and place the order in a seamless way.

Wi-Fi Based Ordering

The feature allows consumers to place an order from their phones by simply connecting to the restaurant’s Wi-Fi at the property. Such Wi-Fi ordering makes the process much faster and secure as it is hosted on the restaurant’s network without any dependency on the customer’s mobile network. This feature can also work in offline mode in case of slower internet speed at the restaurant.

Industry-First Digital Postpaid Dining

In a dine-in environment, customers often repeat orders or make new ones for different courses. With the postpaid dining feature, guests can easily do that without the hassle of paying upfront every time a new order is placed. Once the repeat order is placed, the waiter will approach the table maintaining the prescribed social distance to confirm the order. On confirmation, the waiter shoots the order to KDS (Kitchen Display System) where the chef will receive a notification to start the preparation process. The guest can continue to reorder without any interruption just like they have been doing in the pre-COVID world.

Digital Bill & Payments

Bill settlement can be done without physically touching any bill book or receipt. Once the guest is through with the meal, they can request the bill directly from their mobile. The waiter assigned to the table will receive the notification and raise the bill. The same will appear on the customer’s phone along with the payment gateway for online payment or cash option. On making the payment, the receipt is automatically generated on the phone and a digital copy will be sent to the customer on WhatsApp and via SMS.

No Additional Burden On Restaurants

In these difficult times, the last thing restaurants want is to take any hit to their revenues in the name of digital ordering or payment assistance. As a technology enabler, POSist will be available to restaurants without any additional burden on transaction charges. POSist will offer an open platform for restaurateurs to choose the payment processor and the fee they negotiate with them.

POSist can be used by restaurants of all formats and sizes including, Fine-Dine Restaurants, Casual Dining Restaurants, QSRs, Hotel Restaurants, Food Courts, Bar & Breweries, and Cloud or Dark Kitchens. The company works with some of the leading brands across the world including Taco Bell, Jamie’s Italian, UK based Millie’s Cookies, Olive Bar & Kitchen among others.

POSist is integrated with all the leading payment gateways such as Paytm, MobiKwik, PayU, PhonePe, EzeTap, CCAvenue, and VeriPay. The POS software also works with Amazon Pay, Paytm, and DotPe to facilitate digital ordering through their QR code reader. 

About POSist Technologies

Launched in 2012, POSist is a leading cloud-based restaurant technology platform suited for restaurants of all sizes. POSist offers scalable, reliable, and easy to use point-of-sale technology, enabling businesses to automate operations, integrate with aggregators, delight guests, and grow their revenue. 

Headquartered in New Delhi, POSist has 100 employees, with offices in Dubai, Mexico, New York, Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Pune. POSist is trusted by over 8,000 restaurants in 20 countries and 100 cities worldwide.

POSist offers comprehensive integrations with over 70 platforms to enable the effortless functioning of restaurants of all sizes and formats. The suite of integrations includes Accounting Software, Online-ordering Platforms, Digital Wallets, Cloud Telephony Software, Table Reservation platforms, Loyalty Programs, and Delivery Integration with top online food aggregators, globally.

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