‘Future of Homes’ First-of-its-kind e-book in HOME Category Formally Unveiled

Everyone is getting used to the NEW NORMAL. What does it mean if you are a home manufacturer,…

Everyone is getting used to the NEW NORMAL. What does it mean if you are a home manufacturer, marketer, retailer, designer or technologist associated with this beautiful category called “HOME”.

Mr. Mahesh M. CEO – Creaticity and Convenor – Home & Home plus Conclave 2020 (top left) convenor of the Digital conclave announcing the launch of the e-book titled #Future of Homes

A Digital conclave consisting of top panellists and contributing authors participated recently which was convened by Mr. Mahesh M. CEO – Creaticity and Convenor – Home & Home plus Conclave 2020.

At this digital homeconclave, a first-of-its-kind e-book titled #ea, Pepperfry was unveiled by Industry captains whose thoughts and contributions have been shared through their authored articles. Diverse topics have been covered through the collective wisdom of all leading Industry leaders.

Contributing authors included veteran leaders from Godrej Interio to Ikea, Pepperfry to @home, Ashley Furniture to Marshalls, Maspar to Skipper furnishings to name a few. Industry watchers and  senior retail consultants provided further food for thought. The full list of contributing authors include:

Anil Mathur                                     Mahesh M

Ankur Bisen                                    Mahesh Shah

Ashish Shah                                   Manish Parekh

Asim Dalal                                      Mona Sharma Menon

C.K. Nair                                        Nitin Bahl

Dr. Gibson Vedamani                     Pratap Jadhav

Govind Shrikhande                        Rajesh Mahajan

Karan Jethwani                              Robin Lim

Kavitha Krishna Rao                      Samir Patel

Kirit Joshi                                       Tanay Agarwal

“While we are all coming to terms with living life in a new way, we are strongly realising that HOME is where our heart is. We believe that it is important to gather such valuable thoughts and insights from Industry leaders and share these with the stakeholders of the community in a meaningful manner. As knowledge leaders,we are dedicated to the art, science and heart of making homes and this is an innovative way to contribute towards useful knowledge dissemination,” says Mahesh. M, CEO – Creaticity & Convenor of the conclave, while inviting all stakeholders to draw some inspiration from the thoughts curated in the e-book.Creaticity is arguably India’s first, largest and finest destination for all things home.

The contributing industry leaders shared extracts from their articles in the e-book and an interesting takeaway was “Vowels of the new Voyage’’ namely #adapt #empathise #innovate #own #understand.

These are action words that everyone needs to practise as we embrace the next normal.

The digital conclave series was attended by over 1000 delegates from across India which largely focussed on the future of home business post COVID-19 and trends that are likely to determine the progress of the HOME category.

The thoughts have been well articulated through a compilation of in this book called the #Future of Homes and is available on bit.ly/3f5vSOT where you can download your complimentary copy.

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Sodexo BRS India Certified as ‘Great Place to Work 2020’

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, the leader in digital employee benefits in India has been certified as a 'Great Place to Work' in 2020. As an organization, Sodexo has always functioned on the three core values of service spirit, team spirit and spirit of progress which have helped employees play a significant role in people's lives and improve the quality of their lives since the last 23 years in India. Sodexo has harvested a strong culture that offers mutual assistance and trust, fostering professional growth and personal connections.

Expressing happiness at getting the certification, Mr. Anish Sarkar, CEO, said, "Our employees are the biggest asset for Sodexo BRS. They embody our core values of service and humility and are at the heart of Sodexo's mission of improving the quality of life of our clients, consumers and merchants. Our aim has been to create an open, collaborative, and fun workplace. We engage our employees through frequent interactions with leadership, the use of AI-based digital platforms and a monthly calendar of informal events. India has also been identified as a key pool for leadership and talent for the operations of Sodexo globally."

Ms. Suvarna Mishra, Head of Human Resources added, "Our commitment to diversity and inclusion promotes business growth as it drives our ability to identify and develop the best talent, create an engaged workforce and enhance Quality of Life for our clients, customers and our people. Employees at Sodexo are also continuously recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the organization which re-enforce companys guiding principles. We are now considered a digital-native organization and are proud of our workforce for brilliantly adapting to this transformation that supports agility and speed through innovative practices thus helping us remain market leaders."

Sodexo believes in developing a strong corporate culture that aligns with its core values. Therefore, hiring the apt workforce is basic to its business growth and development. The company believes in equal opportunities no matter how diverse the talent might be. Its culture-fit first attitude has enabled the recruitment gender diversity percentage to reach 50% as of January 2020. The focus is on individuals who abide by its three organizational pillars through constant innovation and passion; after all an organization is nothing more than its employees' ability and capacity to create never-ending value.

Good leadership almost always requires an organization to be teeming with people of various perspectives who are willing to voice themselves without fear of retaliation. In accordance with that, the company makes extra efforts to harvest a positive employee experience by reaching out to them at frequent intervals in their Sodexo journey to digitally collect their feedback and recommendations for how company processes could be improved. The mission is solely to make every employee feel heard and valued. Not just are these suggestions closely tracked but the actionable ones are also shared with management at apt situations. Employees are also constantly kept involved by frequent employee engagement surveys and open, interactive townhalls. Similarly, employee grievances are managed through a centrally owned tool at Sodexo which expedites the process and addresses all required concerns.

Great Place to Work Institute regularly conducts surveys on workplace culture and recognizes the top organizations in India and across the world for their sustained efforts in this area. It is a global authority in researching and identifying workplaces that thrive on excellent employee experience.

About Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services India

The Sodexo group works towards improving the quality of daily life for employees, partners and customers across the world. Sodexo BRS, Indias No.1 Digital Employee Motivation & Benefits Services provider is a partner to over 11,000+ HR Leaders. Our 100% tax-complaint Digital Employee Benefit Solutions are customized to meet specific needs of organizations and help them develop their best motivated workforce.